Uruguayinvest is the Foreign-Investment Consulting Unit of Uruguayan law firm Fischer & Schickendantz.

Its role is to provide foreign clients with a one stop site to cover all the needs that arise when investing or doing business in Uruguay, or through Uruguay as an international platform.

It is made up of an experienced team of U.S. -educated MBAs, attorneys, CPAs, and consultants in several fields. Uruguayinvest assists multinationals and individual investors in activities such as:

  • Acquiring local companies
  • Real estate development
  • Acquiring property
  • Acquiring and developing farmland
  • Restructuring debt
  • Incorporating and managing Uruguayan holding offshore companies

Uruguayinvest covers -under one roof- legal advice, tax and financial services, consulting and accounting issues, with the invaluable combination of both local knowledge and overseas experience.