Business Entities

Uruguay's business law allows local and foreign investors to conduct their activities in the form of several types of locally incorporated corporations, or to act as branches of their parent companies (in the case of foreign firms) without the need to formally incorporate an independent company within the country.

For the investor who chooses to incorporate a company in Uruguay, the most common form is the "Sociedad Anonima" or "S.A." (akin to Germany's "Ags", Italy's "SpAs", or Britain's "PLCs"). The advantages of acting through a Sociedad Anonima are the following:

  • The company can be incorporated immediately
  • The company is a limited-liability one
  • The company may have one sole owner (an individual or a company)
  • The company's shares can be in the form of bearer shares
  • The company can name directors other than their shareholders
  • The company's annual formal requirements are minimal (mandatory approval of financial statements, and filing of tax forms)
Uruguay Offshore Corporate Vehicles